SpectraSensors, a leading global provider of laser-based process instrumentation.

Used by world-class natural gas and petrochemical companies, our laser based analyzers ensure the highest levels of efficiency with reliable measurements and low cost of operation.
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  • Raman Spectroscopy

Breakthrough Laser-Based Gas-Phase Process Analyzer

Our Optograf™ measurement solution consists of our on-line, laser-based process Raman instrument, our AirHead™ fiber optic sensor, and our OptoAST™ and OptoDRS™ interfaces. This solution is purpose-built for compositional analysis for industrial gases (H2, HyCO), specialty chemicals (methanol, ammonia), refining (H2 generation, recycle, and recovery), and synthetic natural gas (SNG). The Optograf requires reduced technician skill level to operate and maintain, minimal spare parts, no routine maintenance or calibration, and no consumables. It is able to operate in many harsh environments without requiring installation in an analyzer house.

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