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Naizak Global Engineering Systems and SpectraSensors, Inc of USA signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop and manufacture the TDL (Tunable Diode Laser) gas analyzers for the Saudi Arabian and the GCC market.


The collective agreement was signed recently in Bahrain between Khalid Al Abdulkarim, President of Naizak, and George Balogh, CEO of SpectraSensors.


SpectraSensors is the leading global provider of laser-based process instrumentation. Naizak is a customer-driven, local services organization with a deliberate policy to invest in people of high caliber and specialization. A large part of that investment is in training nationals and allowing them to participate in our economy.


“The introduction of the TDL gas analyzers in Saudi Arabia and in the GCC through this partnership will boost the productivity and efficiency of the region’s oil and gas sectors,” Abdulkarim said after signing the agreement.


“We are pleased and delighted with our collaboration with Naizak, and our company looks forward to be able to provide the needs of the region’s hydrocarbon industry,” Balogh said.


Under the agreement, Naizak will manufacture and develop the product. The partnership will also undertake integration capability to qualify the approval of SpectraSensors products as Saudi Arabian manufactured products in order to gain market preference and better provide the needs and requirements of the customers.


The manufacture products will be marketing by Naizak to customers in Saudi Arabia, and in GCC through Naizak’s regional offices. SpectraSensors has assigned an official representative to assist Naizak permanently in Saudi Arabia. He will also support the development of the TDL marketing in the region.


SpectraSensors has proven solutions for various industrial sectors, such as natural gas, refinery, gas processing/LNG, petrochemicals, chemical and atmospheric weather measurements. The company has a portfolio of patents including 14 issued, 36 pending and licenses for an additional six technology and product patents.


SpectraSensors uses TDLs in conjunction with Absorption Spectroscopy in an array of products including: Ambient Air Monitoring Analyzers, Moisture Analyzers (Hygrometers), Dew Point Analyzers, Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzers, and Gas Analyzers for Natural Gas Pipelines and Processors, Petrochemical Refineries and Chemical companies.


SpectraSensors’ Gas Analyzers measure Moisture (H2O), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Hydrogen Chloride (HCl), Mehtane (CH4), Ammonia (NH3) Ethylene Oxide (ETO) and for various applications.


The agreement provides the development of local manufacturing, sales and services and TDL Technology. More products are due for release.


Saeed Saad Al-Shahrani, Naizak General Manager of the Instrumentation & Control Division, said the development and production of the TDL products will be undertaken in three phases. As General Manager of the Instrumentation & Control Division, Al-Shahrani oversees and manages four divisions, namely sales, services, process/analytical, and ISG services and calibration.


“The TDL products are very environment friendly and enable the energy and petrochemical industries to get cleaner; they are designed specifically to improve process efficiency in refineries and chemical plants.” Al-Shahrani said. He said the immediate beneficiaries of the TDL products are the oil and petrochemical companies in the region, including Saudi Aramco and SABIC.


The TDL products are the most effective means of reducing environmental impacts from energy and chemical production by giving the accurate gas analysis. Improved process efficiency delivered by the TDL products enables lower maintenance costs, more accurate measurements, faster response times and more economic value with fewer materials and waste, according to Al-Shahrani.


Using tunable diode laser (TDL) technology that has been proven in the harshest real-world proven in SpectraSensors’ solutions successfully measure and monitor gas and petrochemical concentrations in a variety of applications such as environmental, energy, water, and chemical process monitoring. Recent advancements in semiconductor lasers have made spectroscopy economically viable for a host of commercial applications.


SpectraSensors uses highly scientific resources to deliver cost-effective robust measurement tools to customers. SpectraSensors’ products provide unprecedented reliability and speed and require virtually no maintenance.


SpectraSensors have a highly-skilled management team with decades of relevant industry experience, including deep expertise in lasers, optics, process efficiency, and applications and systems design for the gas and petrochemical industries. The team has a proven track record in using optical technologies, including laser absorption spectroscopy, a chemical sensing technique that emphasizes precision, fast response, and immunity to corrosive or contaminating elements in the sensing environment.


SpectraSensors was founded in 2001 as a technology spin-off of the NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. Among its customers, in additional Naizak, are Chevron (also an investor in the company), Conoco Phillips and BP.


SpectraSensors will be providing training to personnel of Naizak, as well as to the users of the TDL technology.


Naizak has diversified into the areas of in-Kingdom manufacturing, advanced supply chain programs and providing products, professional solutions and services in the areas of electrical and power, communication, industrial oil field, instrumentation, industrial automation, information technology, enterprise applications, Lab Systems and training and education.


Naizak continues to get involved in the growth of the Saudi economy by taking a leading role in providing products and services from its global partners to address and meet the needs of customers.


“We are delighted to have brought to Saudi Arabia the SpectraSensors technology, which will play a crucial and very important role in the Kingdom’s energy sector, particularly in the field of environmental protection,” said Abdulkarim.


Naizak is a subsidiary of Al Abdulkarim Group, the Gulf’s largest supplier/stockiest of electrical, electromechanical, telecommunication, instrumentation and oilfield components and equipment.