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SpectraSensors Presenting on Process Analysis of Syngas at Syngas Technologies Conference

SpectraSensors exhibit will feature the Optograf™, a turn-key, laser-based analyzer for measuring applications in the petrochemical and gas treatment markets. ...
Author: Helen Denning

Superior technology, best overall results!

Quenched fluorescence O2 technology has been rapdly adopted by natural gas companies. No competing system measures oxygen in natural gas ...
Author: Marlene Carrillo
Phone: (909) 948-4136

Measuring H2S and H2O in propane

Monitoring contaminant levels to meet purity specifications Recovering natural gas liquids (NGLs); ethane, propane, butane and C5+ liquid condensates from ...

Process Raman gas analysis in ammonia and refining

On-line composition measurement of gas streams in refining, fertilizer, and other manufacturing industries is essential to optimize different process units ...

Monitoring contaminants in refinery gas streams

A new 12-page brochure describes the use of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) analyzers for on-line monitoring of contaminants ...

We are now active on Facebook!

The world has gone social! That is why we decided to expand our social media presence, we would like to ...

H2O in refinery CCR unit recycle streams

A critical measurement for catalyst activity   On-line monitoring of the H2O concentration in the hydrogen recycle streams of continuous ...

Moisture in natural gas

SpectraSensors moisture analyzers are reliable in today's unconventional production, gas processing, transportation, storage and distribution

SpectraSensors H2S Analyzers

Accurate measurement for natural gas quality
Author: Sam Miller

Measurement of H2O in Catalytic Reformer Hydrogen Recycle Streams Using TDLAS

IntroductionThe Catalytic Reformer Unit in modern refineries converts naphtha into high-octane aromatic compounds termed reformates used in gasoline blending and formulation, and ...
Author: Gary Engelhart
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