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When SpectraSensors Inc. (SSI) needed someone with a mind for technology and customer communication, they found both in Dr. Alfred Feitisch who joined the growing company in January 2007.

As vice president of business development and technology, Feitisch builds the connection between SSI’s technology, its sales team and its customers.

SSI is the world’s leading supplier of innovative, diode laser based sensors used to accurately detect trace amounts of moisture in natural gas pipelines and petrochemical production processes. SSI’s trace gas analyzers help its customers improve operational results, personnel safety and reduce environmentally harmful emissions by reliably and accurately measuring moisture and other trace gases. SSI’s customers include Fortune

100 and Fortune 500 companies such as Chevron-Texaco, ExxonMobil, Williams and El Paso Energy.

“Feitisch brings technical expertise, management experience and the entrepreneurial spirit to help expand a company with revenues already growing at a rate of about 100 percent annually,” said George Balogh, chief executive officer of SSI.

Apparently, the admiration is mutual, as Feitisch calls Balogh a “mentor” to him. The two of them previously worked together at Spectra-Physics in Mountain View, Calif.

Feitisch has had a hand in SSI’s progress since 2003, consulting on diode laser solutions, and he views SSI as a fast growing company with great opportunities for success.

By the time he was 27 years old, Feitisch had already started his first company manufacturing diode laser power supplies, electronic circuits and dye laser nozzles for industrial and academic customers in his native Germany.

In 1988, he closed shop to accept a NATO funded postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University. Early 1989, he joined Spectra-Physics, where he would work his way up from a staff scientist in research and development to vice president and general manager for Spectra Physics’ semiconductor laser business.

In 2002, when Spectra-Physics was acquired by Thermo Electron Corporation, a

$2.2 billion business, Feitisch became vice president and general manager of its Telecom business.

From late 2002 to mid 2003, Feitisch served as president and CEO of AFGN LightVantage, a company he founded to provide business development and management expertise to businesses in the photonics and electronics industries.

From mid 2003 to late 2006, he served as president and CEO of Comlase NT AB, a Swedish high power semiconductor laser start-up corporation he helped found.

“Feitisch can successfully communicate with customers to understand their needs, and then point the technical resources in a direction that will bring prosperity and growth to the business,” said Balogh.

“His position was created to develop ground breaking, competitive solutions with technology that matches the need in the market. Adding other uses for trace gas and moisture analysis and SSI’s expansion into the international market, we are approaching our business on a wider basis.”

Feitisch works at the headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, and reports directly to Balogh.

He and his wife, Gabi, enjoy scuba diving, skiing and perform underwater and landscape photography together.