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A new 12-page brochure describes the use of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) analyzers for on-line monitoring of contaminants in refinery gas streams.

Refineries produce, recover, treat, and recycle hydrogen and other gases in order to produce low-sulfur cleans fuels. On-line monitoring of H2S and H2O using TDLAS analyzers provides refineries the data needed to improve process control, meet product specifications, mitigate corrosion and catalyst poisoning, and comply with environmental regulations. The non-contact, laser-based measurement technique employed in TDLAS analyzers provides superior analyzer availability in the harsh process conditions encountered in catalytic reformer units, HF alkylation units, fuel and flare gas systems, and gas treatment plants.

Download a copy of this new brochure and view application notes with information on critical measurements in refinery unit operations.