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Process Raman gas analysis in ammonia and refining

On-line composition measurement of gas streams in refining, fertilizer, and other manufacturing industries is essential to optimize different process units within these facilities. Process analyzers based on chromatography, spectrometry, and electrochemistry are commonly used. However, some gas streams present major challenges for these traditional technologies. Optical spectroscopy provides potential solutions for these streams. Raman spectroscopy is particularly useful for streams containing homonuclear diatomic gases (e.g. H2, N2) which are key components in these plants. Hydrogen is also essential for hydrotreating, hydrocracking, and catalytic reforming of various hydrocarbon fractions in refineries.      

A new 14-page white paper describes the analysis of syngas in the challenging sour gas shift section of an ammonia plant, hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide and other compounds in the hydrogen recycle in a refinery hydrotreater/hydrocracker, and of hydrogen purity in a hydrogen plant. The paper discusses the overall importance of the measurements to plant operation and potential benefits of Raman measurement technology over other, more traditional technologies. Download a copy of the white paper and visit our website to view application notes on other measurements in ammonia and refining gas streams.