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White Paper: On-line monitoring of H2O to optimize recovery of natural gas liquids (NGLs)

A new 10-page whitepaper describes the use of tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) analyzers to optimize the operation of molecular sieve dryers and recovery of natural gas liquids (NGLs) in natural gas processing plants. 

The whitepaper details results of an in-field evaluation of a TDLAS analyzer in side-by-side testing with an aluminum oxide moisture sensor. Data from the TDLAS analyzer was used in conjunction with an on-line molecular sieve optimization software program to improve process efficiency and significantly lower operating costs. Projected annual cost savings from increased adsorbent life, decreased regeneration costs, and avoidance of cryogenic equipment freeze-up events are summarized in this whitepaper. Download a copy of the whitepaper and visit our website to view application notes on other TDLAS measurements in natural gas processing plants.