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Due to the nature of the petrochemical industry and the multiple solutions that tunable diode laser technology provides, SpectraSensors, Inc. has opened an Applications Department to suit the needs of customers seeking specific types of measurements. This department will be lead by Charlie Smith, PhD, who presently joined SpectraSensors, Inc. as Director of Applications.


“SpectraSensors, Inc. has designed a number of products for particular applications in the petrochemical industry,” Smith said. “There are hundreds of thousands of measurements in different industries, and specific products developed for one reason might be good for other purposes as well. We are seeking to understand new applications we have not developed specific solutions for and solve analyzer problems.”


Smith is a recognized professional in petrochemical industries for a large number of years. Much of his background has been on the end user side instead of supplier side, which gives him a competitive advantage since he understands the needs of technicians who seek specific analyzers.


According to Smith, the goal of the Applications Department is to identify measurements needed while offering measurement sites across the board. As customers identify, need, want, and ask for certain measurements, the SpectraSensors Applications Department will build analyzers with custom measurements as seen fit.


Before SpectraSensors, Smith’s experience as an end user gives him the perspective that most suppliers do not have. He worked at Shell in the petrochemical and exploration production for a number of years. After that, he moved on to Monsanto, as a specialist in animal and human pharmaceutical process development. On the measurement side, Smith has experience in analyzer R&D as well as spectrometer and analyzer operations.


The Applications team will work closely with the SpectraSensors sales team and with customers as the company expands. To that end SpectraSensors recently opened a new facility in Houston,

TX. This office will serve to penetrate the petrochemical market and provide close contact with SpectraSensors customers. There will also be a meeting and demo room so that customers can work with the Sales Department to find the best solution for specific applications.


Charlie Smith is stationed in San Dimas, California at SpectraSensors main facility.


About SpectraSensors

SpectraSensors, Inc. headquartered in San Dimas, California is a leading manufacturer of optically based gas sensors for the industrial process and environmental monitoring markets. Typical applications include natural gas analyzers to measure moisture and carbon dioxide, process analytical analyzers for online moisture monitoring in olefins and bulk gases, and airborne water vapor measurements from commercial aircraft for the U.S. and International Weather Services.


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