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Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Jan. 29, 2007— It’s no surprise that SpectraSensors Inc. (SSI) is a success story bursting at the seams, relocating its California headquarters to a larger facility earlier this year.

After all, when the company was founded with the goal of manufacturing a product that had already been used by NASA on Mars — earth seemed like an easy next step. Its products are the world’s most advanced electro-optically based sensors used to detect trace amounts of moisture in natural gas pipelines and petrochemical industries.

SSI’s products help its customers, including Fortune 100 companies Chevron Texaco and ExxonMobil, prevent corrosion and poisoning of the catalyst while also providing life-saving technology to prevent pipeline explosions and costly repairs.

In the past few years, SSI, which started as a ViaSpace Technologies incubator, has grown from three to 45 employees. In 2003, SSI moved to a San Dimas office of 11,300 square feet. Within three years, the company needed to move again to a new facility to support the upsurge.

“We needed more space to accommodate our expanding staff, product line and research and development” said George Balogh, chief executive officer.

To remedy the situation, SSI moved about 15 miles east from its 11,300 square-foot facility in San Dimas — settling into 35,140 square-feet of laboratories, office space, a factory and warehouse at 11027 Arrow Route in Rancho Cucamonga on Jan. 8.

“SSI’s move to a larger building is only one example of a company rapidly expanding with revenues compounding at more than 200 percent annually,” Balogh said.

“We chose a building that satisfies our existing demands and also meets our forecast for growth over the next five years.” The new facility has room for the development of new products, multiple manufacturing lines and storage.

In 2006, SSI developed new products for petrochemical refineries and chemical plant industries. SSI’s uniquely reliable and fast technology can withstand extreme weather conditions and doesn’t require maintenance, which is why customers prefer its technology over competitors.

In December, SSI also opened a sales and training office in Houston, where many of its customers are based.

“SSI focuses on training the customer, and we’re working on research and development around the clock,” said Dr. Greg Sanger, vice president of engineering. “This is why a majority of our staff hold science, math and engineering degrees, and why we’re a leader in presenting our scientific findings at conferences such as IFPAC.”

SSI plans to continue expanding its sales to the petrochemical industry and recognizes the potential of selling into applications such as moisture analysis in hydrogen recycle, high purity bulk gases, Olefins product streams, expander gas plants, fluid catalytic cracking unit regenerator off gas, and other process analytical measurements.

“Our laser technology can be used anywhere there is chemical analysis,” said Dr. Charlie Smith, director of applications.

With its move into two big, beautiful buildings with lots of elbow room, the sky is the limit for SSI.

“In 2007, SSI will start to meet the demands of its distribution networks established in Asia, South America, Europe, Australia and throughout North America,” said Dale Langham, vice president of sales.

Balogh is enthusiastic about his company’s success and its future potential.

“Our growth has been exponential,” Balogh said. “There is tons of room for growth in this industry. And our goal is to expand into new industries and internationally.”