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SpectraSensors TDL Analyzers

Natural Gas "Sweetening"

One of the first steps in a typical gas plant is the removal of H2S. The Natural Gas product will typically have maximum allowable H2S concentrations <4ppm. There are a variety of H2S removal systems, utilizing either liquid chemicals such as amine (MEA, MDEA, aMDEA, etc), or solid granular media in large scavenger beds. The processes can vary dramatically, but the optimal operation of each system requires on-line measurements of H2S, with important considerations for each situation. For example, measurements on the outlet of an amine contactor (possible carryover), on an inlet to the SRU (acid gas), or at the mid-bed of a solid scavenger system (water-saturated).

SpectraSensors Advantage

SpectraSensors offers a complete solution for this control measurement. The high selectivity inherent to Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology eliminates errors due to interferences that have hampered other spectroscopic approaches. There are no carrier gases or tapes to replace on a routine basis, so the analyzer is very low maintenance and has a low cost of ownership. TDL technology means the analysis is fast; response times measured in seconds readily achievable in gas processing applications. Additionally, SpectraSensors analyzers can be packaged with TDL-based H2O and CO2 measurements resulting in a complete measurement solution.

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