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SpectraSensors TDL Analyzers for Water Measurements in Desiccant Dryers

Mol Sieve Dehydration

Molecular Sieves are commonly used to dehydrate gas to moisture levels below 1 ppmv in Natural Gas Processing Plants. Several large dryer beds are operated in parallel and a regeneration cycle is triggered prior to bed saturation. To optimize the life of the mol sieve, reduce energy, and prevent wet gas from contaminating downstream equipment, a highly reliable and rapid-response moisture analyzer is crucial.

SpectraSensors Advantage

SpectraSensors TDL analyzers are ideal for this challenging application. The non-contact laser and detector are impervious to damage from contaminants. TDL technology is highly selective so that interferences from other compounds (such as methanol) are eliminated. The response rate of the laser-based system is very fast, allowing rapid response to moisture breakthrough on the mol sieve bed.

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