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The Optograf™ is an industry leading turn-key laser-based analyzer that provides quantitative chemical composition measurements using Raman spectroscopy. The design of the Optograf Gas Analyzer incorporates customer requirements for serviceability and hazard-area certification, as well as a compact footprint and minimal utilities consumption




  • Minimal Sample Conditioning Required
  • Compact, Smaller than Most Wall-mount GCs
  • Can Replace up to 4 Traditional Analyzers with a Single Base Unit and 4 Probes
  • Rugged with Minimal Utility Requirements (Electricity)
Optograf Gas Analyzer
Principle of Measurement: Laser-based gas-phase Raman spectroscopy
Electrical Data:
Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz - standard
Max. Power: <300w max (startup), 200w typical
Communications: Serial: RS485, Modbus TCP/IP
User Interface: Touch-screen color LCD display
Enclosure Type: Painted steel or optional 316 stainless steel, NEMA4 (or IP65)
Dimensions: W x H x D
18.0 x 32.85 x 10.0 in
(45.72 x 83.44 x 25.4 cm)
Weight: approximately 135 lbs 
(61.235 Kg)
Number of Probes: Up to four (allowing simultaneous operation)
Environmental Temperature Range: -20 to 50°C (solid state cooling - no vortex or other external cooling required)
Area Classification & Ratings:
IECEx / ATEX: Ex II 2/1 G Ex ia op is IIA or IIB or IIB+H2
North American
Hazard Area:
Ex ia IIB+H2 T4
Class I Zone 2 AEx ia IIB+H2 T4
Class I Division 1 Groups B, C and D T4