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Heated Sample Conditioning

The P53 Heated Sample Conditioning System (manufactured by Mustang Sampling®) ensures optimal performance of gas analyzers by delivering a heated sample through patented technology to the analyzer. The P53 avoids costly errors resulting from hydrocarbon dew point drop out by maintaining at least 30ºF above the expected hydrocarbon dew point. The gas sample is heated inside of the regulator before and after the pressure is reduced eliminating hydrocarbon liquid condensation caused by the Joule-Thomson effect during the pressure reduction.


SS500e Enhanced Moisture Analyzer



          Data Sheet


  • Analytically Accurate® design
  • Patented technology utilizing existing power supplied by heat trace sample tubing
  • Requires no external power or natural gas for proper operation
  • Conforms to API 14.1 guidelines for hydrocarbon liquid removal and heat tracing
    • Remote mount with Pony® enclosure (sold separately)
    • Direct mount on probe (sold separately)
    • Integrated with SS500, SS2000 and SS3000 natural gas analyzers
  • Mounting options for three different configurations:
  • Designed for Class I, Div 1, Group Dlocations

    Standard Components:
  • Pressure gauge after regulator
  • Relief valve port out
  • Door mounted dial thermometer
  • Sample line test port
  • System purge port out
  • Moisture block drain port out
Analytically Accurate and Pony are
Registered Trademarks of Mustang Sampling, LLC. All rights reserved.


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