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The current version of SpectrumLink XUB software can be used with SpectraSensors TDL analyzers which have compatible firmware. For questions about firmware compatibility or upgrading an existing analyzer please contact us


SpectrumLink XUB software is a Windows-based software and graphical user interface (GUI) for use with SpectraSensors Tunable Diode Laser Analyzers.


SpectrumLink XUB provides the following functionalities to operators and maintenance technicians working with an analyzer:

  • Automatic or manual configuration of serial communication connection to an analyzer
  • Display of measurement and diagnostic data from an analyzer
  • Capability to display and save Spectra
  • Capability to capture and save diagnostic and spectral data in text files that can be archived in a maintenance record, or e-mailed to SpectraSensors service for expert support
  • Capability to change operational parameters of an analyzer
  • Modbus RTU master emulation for testing and verifying Modbus RTU communication with an analyzer