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Low Cost of Ownership
The SpectraSensors analyzer pays for itself by providing concentration measurements with unprecedented reliability and speed with virtually no maintenance! The downtime associated with false data, wet-up and dry-down times, and the labor associated with frequent recalibration and replacement of expensive consumables creates an unacceptable cost of ownership for electrochemical sensors.

Electrochemical sensors work well at the beginning of the sensor head life, but the sensor is interacting with the corrosive environment in the natural gas, so it clogs up and corrodes. It must be recalibrated, cleaned, and replaced on a frequent basis. The SpectraSensors sensor heads are immune to excess levels of moisture or chemicals such as mercaptans, hydrogen sulfide, glycol, amines and ammonia compounds.


Superior Performance
The SS-Series Analyzers experience no interference from glycol, methanol or amine contaminants (vapor phase). Hydrocarbons as well as traces of hydrogen sulfide and other corrosive contaminants are present in natural gas. Additionally, small amounts of glycol may be present. These gas components interfere with electrochemical sensors in various and unpredictable manners. The hydrocarbons tend to condense and coat the electrochemical sensors, slowing down response times. If glycol, which is hygroscopic, deposits on the electrochemical sensors, changes in response characteristics will result. Corrosive substances may permanently alter electrochemical sensors’ response to moisture; if not completely damage it. The SpectraSensors technique is inherently superior because the laser sensor does not make contact with the gas sample.


Real Time Data

The SS-Series Analyzers supply continuous, 24/7, real time measurement with no wet-up or dry-down delays. The speed of response can be less than one second. Figure one shows the instant response from a sudden introduction and interrupt ion of a moist stream of air into the SS2000 sample cell. The response is practically instantaneous.

Traditional techniques are inheritably slower because they rely on the diffusion of the sample gas into the sensor’s detection cavities. The sensor must slowly dry down before it begins to provide accurate measurements. Figure 2 shows how slow response time can affect a pipeline’s profitability by delaying measurements. In this case, the slower sensor indicates the presence of moisture long after it has dropped below the alarm level.


Highest Reliability

SpectraSensors Analyzers are relied upon by natural gas companies to quantify levels of water vapor and carbon dioxide in natural gas pipelines. These contaminants can lead to catastrophic failures - fast, dependable, and accurate measurements are absolutely vital! The SS2000 and SS3000 are NEC Class 1, Division 1 or Division 2 rated certification and are designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

SpectraSensors Analyzers have proven long-term reliability in hundreds of installations around the world. Safety and reliability are essential in remote Natural Gas installations and the SpectraSensors SS-Series Analyzers are the key ingredient to the assurance of reliable, accurate, real-time H2O and CO2 measurements.