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Sample Extraction

SpectraSensors SC401 includes the A+® GPR and GP2 Sample Probes and the Mustang Sampling® Pony Heated Probe Enclosure. The Pony Heated Probe Enclosure ensures optimal performance of gas analyzers by maintaining the probe temperature which helps avoid liquid drop out or inconsistent readings due to adsorption and desorption onto the surfaces of the probe and tubing.
The SC401 is offered with 4, 7, or 9 inch probe lengths, and are suitable for use in pipes up to 24 inches. The Pony enclosure is an integral part of the Mustang®, Sample Conditioning System developed to install between 6 inch center-to-center Thread-o‑lets.

SS500e Enhanced Moisture Analyzer






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  • Analytically Accurate® design
  • Patented technology utilizing existing power supplied by heat trace sample tubing
  • Requires no gas consumption or external power
  • Direct mount on pipeline fitting between 6 inch center-to-center Thread-o-lets
  • Reduces maintenance by eliminating need to wrap probe in heat trace tape
  • Clam shell design provides easier probe maintenance
  • Fits over probes with correct adaptor nut
  • Designed for Class I, Div 1 locations

    Standard Components:
  • Heated insulated enclosure
  • Heat tracing tubing shrink boot
  • Heat trace tubing shrink sleeve
  • Bolts, nuts, & washers to mount to adapter nut
  • Membrane tip probe 10,18, or 23 cm (4, 7, or 9 inch) insertion
Analytically Accurate and Pony are
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