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Gas Extraction and Pre-Conditioning Systems

The SE600 Series is a line of gas extraction and pre-conditioning products specifically designed to extract and transfer process gas samples to a TDL analyzer in a manner that supports accurate and repeatable measurements. Working in conjunction with our technology partner A+ Corporation, using their Analytically Correct™ Engineered Systems (ACES™) platforms, we have optimized SE600 components to ensure gas samples remain in the gas phase and liquid samples are correctly vaporized for introduction to an analyzer. The SE600 series supports a range of TDL analyzer applications in the natural gas transmission and processing industries.

SS500e Enhanced Moisture Analyzer



  • Genie® Direct Drive™ Probes
    • Insert and retract without process shutdown
    • Available with different insertion depths
    • Install through an isolation ball valve without special tools
    • Uses Genie® Membrane Filter Technology™
  • Systems preserve sample integrity by:
    • Preventing condensation of gas samples
    • Controlled vaporization of liquid streams
    • Separation and removal of entrained liquids
  • Heated pressure regulators to compensate for Joule-Thomson cooling from depressurization of gas sample
  • Field proven in natural gas transmission and gas processing applications
  • CSA and ATEX Component Certifications
Genie is a registered tradmark of A+ Corporation
Direct Drive and ACES are a trademarks of A+ Corporation


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 SE600 Series

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