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Brochure for SpectraSensors Measurement Solutions for
Gas Analytical Field Instruments>>>



Gas Analyzer Shelters Datasheet 
For TDLAS, QF, and Raman  measurements>>>





Our experts helping your experts

SpectraSensors offers better measurements through engineered solutions. Our expertise extends beyond our analyzer offering, enabling us to undertake projects encompassing:

  • Up-front consultation for FEED
  • Approval drawings
  • Analyzer racks and cabinets
  • Thermal-modeling of sample streams
  • Sample probes
  • Heated sample transport bundles
  • Sample conditioning systems
  • Stream switching hardware & controls
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Power distribution and circuit protection
  • Lighting
  • As-built design documentation
  • Analyzer calibration reports
  • Factory acceptance tests (FATs)
  • Site acceptance tests (SATs)